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Thursday 25 July 2013

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

You’ve heard of the saying “It pays to be nice” yeh? Well I’m going to change that for the sake of this article to: ‘It pays to engage’. I suppose engaging is kind of being nice anyway…

There will come a time when every business needs the help of those around it.

An example of this is one of our clients, Future Fitness – a gym in the south side of Glasgow. They are currently trying to fight against a juggernaut, soulless gym chain opening up right beside them, as it could completely cripple their business. So, what are we doing about it?

Well many things… One being: gather the support of their totally awesome social media community! We’ve spent a lot of time and effort communicating successfully with their community, and created an effective monthly engagement plan. The result of this has been a 400% increase in weekly engagement. So with all this action on their social media channels they can afford to ask for some help and reciprocation, because everyone feels like they’re part of the soul of the gym.

I think an example of this type of request may help some people. So, here’s what we posted:

Are you aware that a 24 Hour unmanned Gym is planned for the Shawlands Arcade?

As I'm sure you'll understand this will have a load of negative consequences for our gym and fight club.

* The Future of our gym could be jeopardised.
* Increased noise levels at night.
* Anti-social behaviour and safety.
* Car parking issues - planned 7000 targeted members.

We don't often ask, but we need your help...
We have a fantastic community at Future Fitness and The Griphouse Southside. So please help us win our fight and grow our gym!

Please show your support, and have your say on this proposed application, by letting the Strathbungo & Shawlands Community Council know your views, as well as your local Councillors. 
See the links below:

Facebook Strathbungo & Shawlands Community Council: 


Thanks guys!! Please share this post.

So what was the reaction?

The Future Fitness social media community have stood together like bare chested, blood thirsty Spartan warriors to fight against this potential attack to their beloved gym. People have been emailing councilors, commenting on the community council page etc. It’s amazing to see a team spirit such as this; the members will be dearly thanked and repaid for their support.

I hope this story can inspire others, either in their time of need, or to create a similar community spirit and loyalty with their followers.

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