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Saturday 23 November 2013

Writers - Adam's Current Favourites

So as I sat reading in my red, leather rocking chair, I had a thought: "maybe people would like to know my, current, favourite writers...".

Now, you maybe don't give a shit... but you're getting them thrown at you anyway.

Each of these four men have very unique writing styles that I believe makes great reading for young, or new writers; you'll learn a lot. The connection between each writer is the subjects of business, productivity and lifestyle.

So without further ado: 

#1: John Romaniello 
John’s Blog: http://goo.gl/cH5qJr

 John is, in his own words, "an angel investor, author and ranks between journeyman and expert in fields ranging from fitness to writing to marketing. He is the author of hundreds of articles, dozens of e-products, and one New York Times bestselling book.” Definitely a guy I’d like to chat with over a pumpkin spiced late (the best winter coffee available at the moment, and I aint a Starbucks guy).

 If you enjoy reading personality spilled on to a page, give some of John's stuff a shot (unless you’re not a fan of profanity). He writes mainly about health and fitness, but often includes articles on lifestyle and business. All subjects that he is an expert in.

#2: Seth Godin
Seth’s Blog: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

Seth Godin is an extremely illustrious author, with 17 best sellers all around the world. Books such as Linchpin, Tribes and Purple Cow are some of his better known.

He writes passionately about the ‘post industrial revolution’, where he believes we must get back to the way of creating and innovating, as opposed to being financially supported by one company for life.

The beauty and USP (unique selling point) of his books is their length; they are noticeably short. Seth’s writing style gets his points across quickly and effectively. This is also true for Seth’s blog, which is one of the most popular in the world (type the word ‘Seth’ into Google and see).

Seth is a maverick; a true original of recent times.

 #3: Tim Ferriss 
Tim’s Blog: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/

Do I even need to introduce this guy…?

No actually, I don’t.

If you don’t know who Tim Ferriss is, I assume you can’t read and aren't interested in business, productivity or lifestyle changes. If this is in fact the case, I think you’re reading the wrong blog. See ya pal.

#4: Duncan Bannatyne 
Duncan’s Blog: Doesn't have one… He’s old school.

 Duncan Bannatyne is the no nonsense, straight talking Glaswegian who makes Dragon’s Den worth watching. I know this may seem like a very strange choice compared to the previous trio, but I started reading Duncan’s books because I greatly admire his journey to the top and opinions on business (for the most part).

Duncan is a hard-working millionaire (I won’t use the phrase self-made ever, as every successful person is self-made. Success takes hours and hours of hard work), who’s expertise lie in the service industry. His career journey is an extremely interesting one, which makes his writing very believable. This short video might encourage you to try reading one of his 5 business advice books.

His writing style: no nonsense, straight talking and Glaswegian, i.e. no bullshit.


If you’ve read and enjoyed, or not enjoyed, the works of these 4 men, leave your thoughts below in the comments section. Better yet join the conversation on our Facebook page: facebook.com/DreamtheatreLtd

Now get back to work!